In Athletics in the Ancient World, author Zahra Newby portrays athletics as integral to ancient culture, primarily ancient Greek culture. She describes how athletics influenced facets of ancient social life, including education and warfare. The book is divided into 16 short chapters that present issues ranging from the rise of professionalism in athletics to the role of women in ancient sport.

Filled with pictures, drawings, and schematics of ancient Greek athletic facilities, the book suggests the importance of athletics by providing the reader with a clear understanding of how ancient athletic activities were carried out. For further clarification, it provides geographical references.

With all of these guides, Athletics in the Ancient World is certainly well referenced. It is a pleasant and informative read for those interested in obtaining a historical perspective of ancient athletics. The book may serve as supplementary reading material for college courses in sports history.

Athletics in the Ancient World
Author: Zahra Newby
Published in 2006 by Bristol Classic Press: London, UK.
(108 pages, ISBN 1-85399-688-2).

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